Our company specialise in business web applications designed around your existing processes. We have products ranging from inventory tracking to project management that can be modified to your specific requirements.

All our applications are accessible from standard web browsers including mobile browsers found on modern smart phones, allowing you to access and update information while on the move.

We offer a free no obligation one month trial of all our applications allowing you to evaluate before you buy.

Web Design

We undertake all web projects from small simple websites to customised web applications including content driven and e-commerce sites.

Project Management

End-to-End project management

Track projects from start to finish including materials, resources, tools.

Detailed reports including Costs, Profit & Losses, Schedules (Gantt charts).


Track Assets, Stock and Tools

Monitor asset deprecation.

Know how much stock you have and where it's located.

Track equipment loans.

Order Management

Manage your orders and supply chain.

This application includes Project Management and Inventory applications and will combine this data manage orders and supply chain just in time.


Manage your company accounts

Manage your company budget and measure against it.

Show your current and predicted profit and loss.

Keep track of money you owe and money owed to you.